Friday, 27 April 2012

Last Sunday or Awesome Mausam

      Though it's been quiet a while after our last weekend, I still would like to share an incredible weekend I had with my husband last Sunday.
    We didn't go anywhere out of the city, nonetheless enjoyed our time together very much. The weather that day was awesome - cloudy, a bit windy with a tendency to the rain. We like to have such weather here at least sometimes, because it is very hot otherwise and you are in need of fresh air.
    The first idea of our Sunday was to have some tasty food outside. Home made food is good too, but you want diversity at times :) So, we decided to go nowhere else but Panjub University canteen!We did it not for the first time and we knew that we would certainly get something delicious there. There are a few canteen kiosks which serve Indian food. Prices are much more than  reasonable and for one serving of the dish which is enough for two people. So we had some kind of thali - boiled rice, mixed vegetables, dal makhni, rotis and salad.
  After a tasty meal, we still didn't want to leave the place and headed towards the palm alley. I must admit there are many plants on the university territory for example like this blossoming bush, you can find many of them in the city too:
    Pictures were taken with my husband's mobile. I like the quality :)
     What always takes my attention when we are at the university is the palm tree alley and palm trees around. When my parents came to Chandigarh and saw same palm trees at the lake shore, they thought that the trees were put into some kind of pots. However, these are the tree trunks:)
Yes, palm trees are everywhere there and it makes all look so exotic to me! The university has some fountains which have started working finally. The buildings are not new, but the architecture is much of Chandigarh, Le Corbusier. You can read about the city history here.
While we were walking among the palms, we noticed some flower beds with the dried flowers, what, of course, gave us a thought of collecting seeds for our garden!
And this is an Indian purse I took with me. I like the colour a lot! It also has a good idea of how to make a  close button for a crochet purse or a bag.
Just look at the sky! I am loving the trees shapes as well:
After our nice walk was over, we didn't want to go home again nd went to the city Rose Garden.  We were there last time, honestly, may be half of a year ago! But this time the weather was so tempting to walk there and enjoy fresh wind waves!
Here we are, in the Rose Garden, getting a bit crazy as we saw so many roses after so long. They are so different, but similarly beautiful!
Pink roses:
Scarlet roses:
Yellow roses:
 Not roses, but so cute, and ladybird is decently sitting on the leave:)
Another part of the Rose Garden:
 Oh and the sky that day was so unusual, can you see that sun triangle? I say that the entrance to Heaven has been open when you see such kind of sun coming through the clouds.
Clouds.. and then it started raining and we headed to the exit of the garden.
  We headed towards the market place, where I bought a few things. May be I will show them to you.
Have nice weekends and week days! 
* mausam (Hindi) = "weather " 


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