Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Winter Mood

Hello my dears... The past week was rather tiring for me on the job side - more translation work started coming in which resulted in me being completely drained by the end of the day. As soon as I work half day from home, it might seem like an easy task, but it isn't. In fact, my day is endless. Some days I simply feel like curling up on a bed and doing nothing at all. It doesn't happen, almost never. My sleep timings also depend on little A's preference, however one good thing is that he finally started sleeping through the night. Before that I couldn't get a proper night's rest for more than 2 years :O Hence I am very happy for both of us.
Thank you everyone for your wishes for my mom's recovery. She is already at home and doing well, though would need to be more careful from now on and still requires to support her arm. Life seems to be getting on its' usual track.
That winter mood always visits me as Christmas and New year approach. It's time for cozy evenings and hot chai, for warm socks and crocheting. As our house gets colder, I feel the need to keep warm whenever and however possible.
Yesterday I had a crocheting "onset" and accomplished a sweater for little A. I still need to work on to weaving the ends and probably blocking it. The pattern is "from my head". The yarn I used is like 15 years old! I got it from home last year. First, I had doubts about the colour, but then, why boys should wear only all dark and blue and green?  I am planning on adding some applique to it.
Updated - sweater pictures! :) Its a little bulky and tacky, but Ok to wear at home. I have a pattern for another crochet sweater, so hopefully the second attempt will be better. My model though refused me taking his pictures in a new attire :)
 Recently I tried making something new - baked samosas. They are a totally healthy vegan version of a popular Indian snack. I am going to make more... when I feel like :P
Have a happy day my friends whenever you are! Blessed be!


  1. Oh, I am sorry you are so tired! I hope you will get lots of rest and your work load gets lighter! Lots and lots of love!

  2. Mmmm, I love samosas and those look good! I hope work slacks off a bit so you don't feel as overworked!

  3. Glad "A" is finally sleeping all night. I know exactly what you're talking about! Glad to hear Mom is doing better.

  4. Glad your Mother is doing better, such a scare! Love your crochet. BUndle up and keep warm and hug Little A for me.

  5. So glad to hear you Mum is getting better and that little A is now sleeping through the night it makes so much difference. I'm sure the sweater will be lovely whatever the colour, those samosas look yummy. :) xx

  6. I'm sorry about work! Take everything one day at a time and make sure to take care of yourself! Happy to hear about your mom!
    I love the colour of the sweater and those samosas look so good!
    Big Hugs!

  7. Glad to know your mom is recovering soon. Good that you and mr. A found a routine to sleep. I also recently thought of making baked samosas and when I searched on Internet for baking tips, it suggested to turn those over after half the baking time. Is that needed?

  8. I'm sooo glad your mom is home and doing better!

    I hope your tired days find their balance soon, and you can be less drained.

    The sweater is lovely, and the food looks yummy. ;-)

  9. Lovely sweater... I'm also making one crochet hooded scarf..

  10. Your samosa looks wonderful! Wish I had some right now. You are right, doesn't matter what kind of sweater one wears at home, as long as it is comfy and warm. I often find myself sitting a whole day doing nothing lately. Not sure why but takes a whole lot of motivation to get me moving at times. Glad to hear your mom is healing. Best wishes, Tammy


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