Saturday, 8 March 2014

Happy Women's Day 2014!

Hello, dear friends! Happened so that most of the blogging community consists of women :) So let's celebrate us and our families today!
Yesterday was my Mum's Birthday, so I also wish her to have good health and enjoy her days. I wish I was with her to hug and kiss her. Mum, I love you very much!!!
And from me is this quick postcard for all of you with the marigolds my Mum grew in her garden 2 years ago:
Today I woke up to sunshine and bird chirping. It is a good day! Have a happy weekend, my dears!


  1. Hi Dear

    Wish you a Happy Women's Day. Have great fun. Be happy. ALWAYS :)

  2. Happy women's day to you!

  3. Happy weekend ;o) Happy Women's Day ;o) Happy Birthday to your mom ;o)


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