Sunday, 2 March 2014

Goa: Anjuna Beach, Chapora Fort and Night Life - Part 5

Hello, friends! Another week is coming to an end, and I am a week closer to a great for my life event. I am not anxious about the time of labor and all, but I just want everything to be fine for me and a baby.
Meanwhile I made another short trip with my D, this time to Delhi.He had an official reason, me - accompanying him and also visiting relatives from his side, who all happen to be living in Delhi. So while he was attending meeting and training, I stayed with one of his aunts and her family. Her daughter in law has a 1.2 years old boy, so I really felt good being there with him and witness his early childhood days. Most probably I will be joining prenatal classes next week as everyone suggests it is really a useful thing to do during pregnancy and will help restore body sooner after it too. Did any of you have such classes?
Now, perhaps, you got annoyed with my never ending posts about Goa, but honestly, I didn't think I'd have so many memories to share with you, and I'd like to keep them for myself, here in blog. And show my baby later when he/she grows a little :), as he/she was also a part of it.
In North Goa we also visited Anjuna beach - a crowded place with numerous cafes and restaurants on a coast line. The view from the cafe we went to.Once again we appreciated the quiet beach we were staying at in our hut.
After that me and D decided to go and explore Goa independently. We stopped at one beautiful point to take pictures.
Somewhere on the way during another stop my D spotted this rooster, he looked exactly like Russian one! Privet!
The next adventure was visiting one of the Goa forts - Chapora Fort. Can you see its walls? So we had to go there... up... on rolling stones. I was on my 16th week then, so it was still ok, but now I wouldn't have risked. 
Almost there... The fort was built in 18th century by Marathas and Portugues. 
The view inside the fort walls. Honestly, nothing significant, but nevertheless interesting. As far as I understood the main purpose of going is there is to see beautiful view of Goa from a high point!
Like this one...
And this - there you can a beach on the opposite side - a favorite place of all Russians, where it is said they now are having some troubles with local people.
Our evening was also intended for visiting one of the most famous places of Anjuna beach - Brittos restaurant. Besides having huge premises, beautifully lit in the evening, it also delivered great food at reasonable price.
Yea, that's me in the right corner of the pic :)
 Anjuna beach in the night - a row of lights, all calling tourists to come and have dinner or a drink... or two.. And music from each and every cafe, which you can hear when walking along the shore.
Later we and our friends headed for a disco to club Cubana, but I have no photos of the same. We enjoyed some European, Hindi and even Russian disco songs there, and were back to the hotel around 1 am. After long time we had a late night party with dancing.  Don't worry, baby was all right :)
Even if I am trying stay away from world's troubles now, the latest news about Ukraine-Russia, couldn't have been unnoticed by me, and we watch news from there every day. I cannot understand all of that politics or whatever, and would never like these two nations be apart and at war - we are so close ethnically, I myself have Ukrainian roots... this all is just way too sad.
Thank you all for your kind comments, and I hope you all had a great weekend, in spite of anything.


  1. Congratulations! I didn't know you were pregnant. Nice to know that you had a great time in Goa.

  2. Brittos restaurant and the disco after sound like a fun evening! You look great, I like your sundress. My Rare One and I are very worried about the situation in Ukraine too. It is the land of her people. Well, it was two generations ago, but still.

    1. It was fun, Debra, but dsico started looking more like an orgy afterwards so we had to go back and oh I forgot, our scooter got puncture so my D had to drive all way along, and me and friends - 3 people on one scooter! All very slow and carefyuly.. a real adventure!
      I hope they resolve the situation peacefully.. though...

  3. I'm loving the tour of Goa. It's a beautiful place. :)

  4. I love seeing your photos, so don't stop. You need to calm down because motherhood will come naturally. I didn't have any classes but I had my mom to help out.

    1. Thanks Charlotte! I am gla dto get such positive replies about my future motherhood! I know it is going to be fine, just feeling a little anxious how it all going to be in real...

  5. Hi Anna, I immediately thought of you when my husband now mentioned that it does not look good between Ukraine and Russia. I just don't understand politics at all and why people aren't able to live in peace, happy with what they have. It is very sad! I can't believe you are so close to having the baby. Gosh, time does fly. I will be thinking of you and wishing all the best. We would love to visit India again, but they make it very hard to get the visa and it's also costly. Much cheaper and easier to go to Sri Lanka. :) Take care, Tammy

    1. Yers Tammy, I always ask myself whenever I see news about the events there... Even If I am not from Russia, the situation in neighbour countries really disturbs me.
      I didn't know India makes probems to get visas... I thought that it was always so easy in comparison with other countries!
      Well, I know you had great time in Shri Lanka. I must go there some day too.

  6. I could never tire of seeing Goa. I'm very excited for you to have a safe and as pain free as possible birth.. and am looking forward to seeing the baby!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Thanks Teresa! I will definitely post about baby more and show him/her in my blog! :)


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