Friday, 29 March 2013

Flowers, Ladybirds and We

Life in the city is convenient and happening but at times you need to, okay, let me use, here "escape" from it. When I was living with parents, I always used to look forward to the start of dacha season: open space, clean air, no neighbours just behind the wall, and of course, nature. I do miss those days and try to find some kind of way out by visiting gardens in Chandigarh. And thank goodness, there are a few of them here. 
Last weekend we went to the Terrace Garden. Here is what we found there.
Simple petunias and white phlox.
Immortelle in the paper like petals of which numerous ladybirds found real home.
Some pretty flowers which name to my shame I don't know.
and gorgeous roses of different colors and shapes...
Then we found a huge tree, which as my D assumed, must have been a rubber tree. Its roots hang from the branches and pierce the soil to create saplings...
My D decided to enjoy the sun while I was taking the photos... and watching him :)
then we sat on the huge lawn...
 ladybirds were there too!
Looking up I wished I could fly...

Wishing you all to have peaceful sky above and happiness in your heart.


  1. How beautiful to see so many familiar flowers (and ladybirds!) and on a completely different continent!
    The snow is still covering any green we have here - but the daffodil heads are poking through and the odd crocus flower is visible!
    Sending peceful and happy wishes to you too
    Ali x

  2. lovely flowers! I remember seeing ladybugs in farms when I was a school going kid.They are one of the crafty looking natural polka dots wonder :)
    We have a big Botanical Gardens at a 5 min walk from my home where there are rare species of plants and a rose garden. I usually go for a morning walk there. I will take pictures someday to share

  3. The flowers are beautiful. I like the smell of petunias, and that's a really interesting tree!

  4. lovely!!!.. sometimes this kind of escapes are very much needed to get rid of city's hustle and bustle..

  5. Such beautiful flowers and photos to capture a beautiful day.

  6. Those flowers are just gorgeous!!!!!!!!! We call 'lady birds', ladybugs here in the USA. They are the only bug I don't mind.

  7. Oh lovely feet :) is all I can say Anna. Feet speak a lot about a person. At times, most ignored by people. Thats my observation.

  8. What a wonderful way to spend a day! I saw those trees over in Hawaii last summer, Anna...the labels they had on theirs were "Banyan Trees"...the tunks were amazing, and the roots hanging down from the limbs into the soil were so fascinating. Hope your weekend is wonderful - Happy Easter. XOXO

  9. Somehow I hadn't expected to see so many familiar flowers. I think the "nameless" flower is verbena, they're lovely and come in all kinds of beautiful colors.

  10. Such beautiful pictures! I love the flowers and the sky photo is amazing! That ladybug is too precious ;o) Have a blessed day ;o)

  11. Lovely flowers! We have similar flowers, in parks around us, these days. Very nice clicks! this is a perfect weather for strolls. :)

  12. Hey!

    What beautiful pictures! It's important to get away from the city and spend some time in nature, I think. It's good for the mind :) I live in central London, but spend time in the rose garden at Regents Park. It definitely changes my mood. If you walk there during April/May, it looks like the pavements are covered in pink snow because the cherry blossom trees are dropping all their flowers :) It's just beautiful!

  13. There are no gardens like that here. If we want to see flowers, we have to go to the plant souk or the flower shop. Always nice to get away even if you go someplace close to home to gaze upon beautiful things. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  14. Oh my goodness, I'm consumed with envy. Gorgeous, gorgeous. I can almost smell the dirt. It snowed here again. Waaahhh....

  15. Wonderful flowers! Your photos remind me of my mother's garden, she had these flowers all there, too. About the nameless flower, I agree with Carola Bartz. First I thought it could be Busy Lizzy, but the leaves are different. It should be verbena, yes :-). Thanks for sharing all these lovely impressions!


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