Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Blog Award - Liebster (second one!) :)

I am lucky enough to receive the second Liebster Blog award from Nikki who has a cozy blog The Little Nordic Cabin and inspires everyone to explore and get fascinated by the Nordic culture, nature and life! Thanks a lot, Nikki! It was a nice surprise for me:) As you might know there are several rules you need to follow when getting this award, here they are:
1. Answer 11 questions
2. Give 11 facts about yourself
3. Nominate 11 other lovely bloggers
4. Post 11 new questions for your new nominees
Nikki's questions for me are:
1. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? Good question... I wanted to be a teacher, an astronaut, and ... may be a dancer:)
2. What did you actually grow up to become/what are you actually becoming? I am a philologist, teacher of Russian language and literature... Sadly I am doing a job which is not related to my degree at all.
3. Why do you blog? Because I was feeling depressed and low at that time and also bored, so I saw many beautiful blogs and said to myself that I could try it out too.
4. If you could have any super power, what would it  be? Fly!
5. Which moment in your life so far are you most proud of? Just yesterday - when I saw my husband dancing on the stage!:)
6. Is there a book you think everybody should read? Certainly "Master and Margarita" by Bulgakov - my love forever!
7. Do you remember what you were doing on this day last year? Hmm... must have been in the office.
8. 1 year from now, where would you like to be? Right where I am now.
9. What is your favourite country you've ever visited? Germany! Want to visit it again.
10. Do you have any sweet family traditions? In my parents' house we always have dinner at the table in a cozy kitchen.. I miss  it now.
11. What is your favourite song at the moment? Many of them, one is the Indian one "Je Lee Zaraa" from the movie "Talaash" ("Search"). 
I will go to nominations now straight away:
A Mermaid In The Attic - well, the name speaks for itself! An enchanting blog of one Mermaid:)
Amateur Crafts - a cute blog about Evu's crafty things. 
El Arte De Rosia - Marianne's dolls, Christmas decorations are simply beautiful! She takes great photos of her works.
Aishwarya's World - "Every moment counts. Hence live for the moment to be happy and light" states Aishwarya. So come and have a look in her world.
Diaper Mum - Rejeshwari lives in Hong Kong. She finds time for creating wonderful home decor things!
Elina Ellis - Elina is an artist who creates lovely illustrations full of warmness, cuteness and love. 
Elizy Art - Elisabeth is another crafty girl, a fresh blogger. She makes beautiful crochet shawls, ornaments and other accessories.
A Magical Whimsy - a blog of a dolls' creator and a dreamer...You'll love it!
Midory's Life - a blog of a Russian crafter. Midory does cross stitching, knitting, likes reading.
The Rainbow of Handiwork (Радуга рукоделия) - a versatile crafter from Ukraine.You will find cross stitched, knitted, crocheted, origami and many other works in her blog.
Owl Drive (Совиный Драйв) - a cute collective blog where all the craft projects dedicated to the Owls!
Wichtelzwerg -a German blog's author tells about her love for wee folks. She creates cute elves, dwarfs, angels from felt.
So here are my 11 questions for 11 nominees:
1. If you were offered unexpectedly to go somewhere for a trip, which destination would it be?
2. What is your favorite book?
3. Are you a dreamer?
4. What was the best food you ever tried?
5. Do you have many friends (in real)?
6. Would you like to go to the Moon (and back)?
7. How does your ideal day look like?
8. Would you like to learn any new language?
9. Are you (and your house) ready for Christmas/New year celebrations yet?
10. What is your best memory so far?
11. Any new skill/craft you would to learn?
Thanks to all who find time to blog, post pictures and actually tell about so interesting things. I really enjoy following your ventures in life and craft.There are many other blogs who deserve to be awarded, however I could pick only 11.
Have a nice day, my friends, and I'll be back with some new crochet stuff soon!
P.S. not giving facts about myself, as I have given already in another post, and answering the questions was more than sufficient for the same purpose.


  1. Congrats for the award! Why don't you start teaching Russian on your blog? May be, one sentence on each blog post. Although google translate is there but it is fun to learn from friends :)

    1. Thank you, dear Preeti!
      Well, I had such thought but it's going to be too messed up in same post...I will have to make another blog for the same purpose. Let'see, it also requires some time.
      Thanks for encouraging, Preeti :)

  2. Anna I was casually going through this n wat do I see- my blog nominated :D Suprised!! Congrats and thanks. I am new to this whole award thing so can you explain a bit. Am I supposed to put up that picture of the award and answer those 11 questions while I nominate 11 more?? :) I hope its not a big question. Btw I totally agree with preeti, russian is my favorite language besides german, so may be i can get some learning from you :)
    Evu - amateurcrafts.blogspot.com

  3. Thank you for this award! It was so sweet of you to think of me! It may take me until next week to answer all the questions and to set it all up on a blog post and find everyone I want to nominate for this award.
    Please have a very lovely Holiday Season!
    Teresa in California

  4. Thank you for nominating me, Anna :) To answer the questions, should I post it on my blog? You know I'm still new to all this and I have many questions :)

    Also, Preeti's idea of teaching us a few words in Russian is a great one. When I did my EFL training we had to have a couple of immersion classes in a language none of us new and that language was...Russian! It was fun and I'd love to learn some more words from you. Elisabeth xx

    1. No thanks, Elisabeth:) yes, you have to put the answers in your blog so that your readers know more about you!:)
      Ok then, I will definitely think of this option in my posts! Thanks for inspiring and giving great ideas!

  5. Hi, thanks for your visits. Congratulations on your award and thank you for give it to me. I see you like to knit, I like, but not knitting. No learning! Though I wish! Each piece is beautiful woven and has many possibilities! So I'll put the award on my blog award, thanks! (www.premiosrosia.blogspot.com) Merry Christmas! Rose M

    1. Rose, thank you for accepting it. Everyone finds their ways of expression:)
      Merry Christmas to you too!

  6. Anna.... congratulations and thank you for thinking about me in your pack of 11. An award that I received and was intimated about on the 11th again! wow! what a coincidence. I happened to read about it today.... a day to remember in this century.12.12.12. Thanks dear. Shall pen about the blog award soon.

    1. Glad you are happy to get it, Aishwarya:) Yes, it was a special day yesterday, 12.12.12.:) Have a nice day ahead and be happy!

  7. Thank you so much dear Anna for the award and the recognition, it made my day :) Will blog about it soon and ans the questions..also enjoyed reading your answers to the questions. Will try to be as honest as possible and post abt your quests soon. Take care and spread the festive cheer !!

    1. I enjoy reading your blog, Rajeshwari, so the award is just a small recognition of your efforts:)
      Have a nice day and looking forward to see your answers!

  8. Anna, thank you for your kind words and аward. I am very pleased to meet you.

  9. Congratulations to your second award, how nice!!


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