Saturday, 21 April 2012

Spring Crochet

This year every single tint of the flowers in our city seems to be more bright and it is bursting its bloom into your eyes. It makes me feel joy, it makes me feel happy. So even my latest crochet works were under this impression and I wanted so so much to make them cheerful and inspiring for my eyes :)
  I was willing to make this crochet post one week back, but as usual it was postponed cause of some reasons, so I was trying to fill up the gap with the posts about flowers. No way this time. Today I am finally going to show some crochet achievements for the past three weeks. I haven't done much, as I am just learning new forms and new patterns.
My first achievement so far is this star pattern which I tried to make out myself. Star is my favourite symbol (and it is the symbol of my sign of zodiac). I am planning to make a star cushion out of two such parts. The thing i like about such patterns is that you can expand as much as you want.
The next achievement is these two mobile covers. The left one was the first I made. I tried to combine different colours. You can also see a small decoration in the front. And the main detail of them is a button, which serves 2 purposes: to close the cover and to decorate it! I got these lovely buttons and some other from the same 38 market where I purchase yarn too. The price for one button was 2 rupees (!), means 0.04 USD! Hehe :)
Number three is this newly learned and attempted by me ripple pattern from the blog post Neat ripple pattern of Attic24 blog. I started making it when me and my husband went to Gurgaon for 4 days and I had plenty of time to learn it! It is on the stage of becoming a purse now. I bought few new colours like that grey, light blue and pink and couldn't wait to use them!
And as the flower theme continues, these are cute small flowers I have made so far to decorate my future purse.
 This is how it looks together, a ripple and a pink rose with seven petals (next ones I have  made have six now):
I am glad to achieve this much in just few weeks and hope to finish some pending projects and, of course, start new!!! :)

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