Monday, 30 April 2012

Ripple Purse and Table Mat

   The last week I was up to ... good :) Well, I was again experimenting and trying to adjust different patterns for different kind of crochet stuff. I supposed that ripple will look good in a purse. I don't know why but I feel like I am in a fear of starting some really big project, so that's why the things I have made so far are all small and simple. However I like this purse, with small roses attached to its' handles.
   By the way, I used polyester for filling up the handles. I tried it for the first time and I liked the way it shapes up the details. To make such crochet handles first I crocheted two stripes approximately 5-6 cm wide and 45 cm long. I was struggling a little with the edges stitching to each other and also was filling up with poly fill at the same time.
      I am so much impatient. Now I understood it, and my husband is right when he says the same :) Hehe. Yes, I am impatient and very excited to start making some new project without finishing the old one! So this is what I am working on at present - a table mat or a table cover. I picked up the pattern from the forum I participate in. Pattern is very easy and it can obtain genuine look by colour combinations.
      This is the actual size, I still have to work at least same number of rows to achieve table's perimeter. In my crochet works I also try to avoid that visibility of connection between stitches, what is not easy. Sometimes it comes out tighter when I finish the row, at times it's just not possible to close that gap. Yarn, I am using to make the table mat, doesn't have any marking about weight or size and I also have to roll it up every time. I found that it's perfect for making home stuff.
     Well now it's quite late here and I am still blogging about my crochet. Will say good night and do a few rows before sleeping :P


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