Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Yarn shopping

  I think that crochet is taking over me... and I am happy! I went for yarn shopping in one of the markets of Chandigarh, in sector 38, yesterday evening. I purchased eight colors and I  love them all! They all are pretty different, but I think I can combine them in an advantageous way.
 There were so many kinds of yarn , I,  honestly, couldn't stop buying! Big thanks to my husband for supporting me in my interests as we were choosing the colors together :) Now have a look at what I got.


  1. <3 you guys.. You are the best i have come across.. Purple is my favorite too.. :)waiting to see your other creations Anna :)

    1. hehe :)Good to know about our common colour preferences :)Maybe you shall try crochet too, Rakshatha?;)

  2. wow!!! I love it. And I specially love the way we get yarn in hanks :-) I love those colours. Is it vardhaman knitting yarn ? Which all brands do you buy ?
    I'm in Bangalore. Loved many of your posts. YEt to read all of them. you have a very nice space in this blogland :-) You live in a beautiful city. I've been there :-) have you visited Bangalore anytime ?? Looking forward to know your more through your posts :-)


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