Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day in India

Happy Valentine's Day!
I couldn't miss it because it is really very special to me and I am really grateful that my husband supports me in celebrating it!
   St. Valentine's day is going to be a second one for me in India. Last year my husband surprised me and made me shy a lot on 14th of February by sending bunch of flowers to the school where I was doing my internship! All the teachers were envying I guess (hehe), someone asked whether it was my birthday or what, and I was so proud to say, no, I got this bouquet from my husband for St. Valentine's Day!
 My husband got a lovely handmade card from me last year. This year I gifted him a crochet heart.
 I have no idea yet how we are going to mark this day this year, but my D. already said he invented something. Now I am feeling excited and curious about it.Can't wait till my office will be over for today!
Love you, my D.!


  1. All the best Anna. looking forward to reading your next post :)- Rakshatha

  2. Thank you for being a constant reader, Rakshatha! Will surely be taking care of my blog now and try to make more new posts :)


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