Sunday, 19 February 2012

Crochet Decor Pieces

Can't imagine how happy I am that I have resumed my hobby in India! These are two cro-cre (crochet creations) so far.
My first crochet table mat! I was quiet confused when making it, because I didn't really know I'd have this in the end. Though I am happy to have this small decor piece on my table now :)
I used remaining yarn of pink and dark purple color, started to knit from the circle using only single and double crochets. Yes, it was an easy way of making a table mat, but a successful one I guess!
cro-cre: crochet table mat
table mat detail
Another cro-cre (crochet creation) of mine is this box suit. It took me one evening to crochet this watch box suit.
cro-cre: small box suit 
flower detail

  I used yarn of three colors to knit it: blue, navy blue and white. Once again even with small amounts of yarn you can create some nice things! 
 So, these are my small achievements in crochet knitting, more are coming!


  1. they are lovely Anna.. :)you seem to be very patient- (Rakshatha)

    1. Once again, thanks, Rakshatha! And yea, it takes time to knit, but the result is worth it!
      Come over to see more of cro-cres (crochet creations) as I call them :)hehe


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