Thursday, 2 August 2012

Countryside trip

           My Borovoe journey came to an end and we were going to visit a township Voznesenka, where my Mum was born and where we still had someone to go to. The weather that day was cloudy and all the surroundings were in a haze, which spread for many kilometers ahead. I liked it, it made me feel like we were in some enigmatic locality. Well, may be I am in too much of fantasy these days :)
The clouds were clubbing down the hills when we left Borovoe  on the third day. Wooo hooo, amazing view!

Fog accompanied us all the way to the countryside.

I wished so much to go to the forest again when we stopped for a while.

 The next three pictures present a lake which was occupied by the ducks. I think they were feeling good there, swimming and fishing.

Just few kilometres more and we were at our final destination and I started making photos straight away, however managed to make only this one after which my camera discharged.

       After some time when camera was again ready for a new photo "hunt", we went outside. The street of Voznesenka settlement. Yes, looking a bit shaggy, but this is the way it is these days.

Next I took pictures of different home birds, like ducks, hens, roosters and...

this is not a bird though... :) A cat Vasya smiling grinning at me.

As you can understand I got loads of communication with nature again, and this is not the end yet.We will be going to another forest soon... to experience magic once more!


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