Friday 18 May 2012

White Amigurumi Cat in Russian Attire

       What a good evening! Though I was so tired after office and was about to take a nap, I said myself  to get up and finish what I have started. This lovely start was my first amigurumi project! I enjoyed so much to crochet a toy. First I was thinking of making a Russian doll, but I changed my mind and decided to learn basics. I took the pattern from here, it is called "Baby chick". However, I followed only the pattern for a head and then carried on myself. What led me to my first crochet cat!  I called her Lyalya (means "baby" in Russian). It took me a while to finish up the details of her body and then her costume, which I first wasn't planning to make a Russian one. But then I though I wanted a Russian doll anyway, so why not to combine this idea with a cat? ;)
   Here she is waiting for her dress  and kerchief to be crocheted.
 Now she's got her wrap, and her dress I finished up later, on a ready toy, and attached stripes from both the sides.
 I came up with such cute and sweet white cat wearing  a kerchief called "platok" (Russian) and a dress called "sarafan". 
I liked that the kerchief came out to be of a proper triangle shape.
Though it was already getting dark outside, I took her at the back yard clicked this cute picture with a tiny flower and aloe vera.
   So now she is resting beside while I am making the post about her :) I hope my first amigurumi try was successful enough. All I need now is to show my first crochet toy to my D when he comes back home :) Hope he also likes this white cat, as he has been witnessing making of it for the past few days. Thanks, D!
The White Cat in Russian Attire toy linked to Crochet Boulevard.
P.S. No pattern is available, because I wasn't counting the stitches and rows at all :)))
P.P.S. My D liked the cat, may be, because he (and me too) likes cats :)


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