Wednesday, 9 May 2012

9th of May - Victory Day (9 мая - День Победы)

      I couldn't not to make this post. Today is the 9th of May, one of the most significant days in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and many other countries. 9th of May of 1945 was the day when the world was freed.
    My grandfathers were fighting in the World War II  and I have to say big thanks to them as they provided better future for us and our children. The World War II was not easy for many countries. The whole world was alarm, different parts of the globe couldn't stay calm. However we were united that time.
   But today is a Victory Day ( Russian - День Победы) which we have to celebrate with happiness.
So I am wishing the whole world to have peace and friendship. Let's be more kind to each other, love each other!
    The cards below say: " "I remember, I am proud" Victory Day - 9th of May 1945"

9th of May Victory Day

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