Thursday, 17 November 2016

Life's Challenges and Gifts

I am not in a position to critisize and judge, but you would agree that events which happen all around the world sooner or later echo in other parts. I am not feeling any change since the US election result came up, but I know that it would reflect in some of the areas of our lives at some point of time.
Indian government has also surprised us with a sudden scrapping of 500 and 1000 banknotes in order to extract black money from turnover. It created a real panic and hurdle among people as not everyone had proper information what it was all about and why. Right now things are better and getting calm and in order slowly.
Politics, economics and world problems aside we continue our lives because this is what we have to do for our families, we have to move on and continue dreaming, hoping and believing.
And honestly speaking, I don't care as of now about these big things, because our family has got a real challenge to deal with. On Tuesday I received a bad news from my dad that my mom broke her shoulder joint bone. She is going to be operated today, and the surgery is not the easy one. I cannot tell how much scared and worried for her I am because she is not young of course (not old either) and the fraction itself is dangerous but surgery I dread more actually... I pray she stands the operation well and gets fine very soon! She promised she would be fine my summer for sure. My little mom... I miss you so much, and I am sorry I can't be with you right now when you and dad need me so much... I rely on our good friends and family whoever are left in the city to take care of this situation. My papa is a great help to her these days! And I know he always tries to cheer her and me up. He made smile many times yesterday when I was talking to him on the phone.
November is my and my dad's birthday month, and our dates are just back to back. :) How cool is this? :) Next month, December, is also wonderful and magical, and I have started preparing some handmade New year decorations which I will showcase a little later.
Recently I have started following some of the wonderful upcycle ideas by Jill of Creating my Way to Success, and here is what I came up with: my first sock puppy. Hmm, looks slightly creepy but kind of naive too, maybe because of the colour. I have some more bright and cheerful socks to upcycle, so more sock animals to come.
In addition, I am in the process of making an up-cycled clothes purse/clutch/wallet. I absolutely had no plan of HOW to stitch this purse, how to cut pieces properly, so it is rather tacky and totally handmade looking. I am also not sure how to close it and what kind of handles to attach, but I am in love with the idea of re-purposing old clothes. I have also started making T-shirt yarn and probably will make a storage bag - they are really useful around the house.
 To sum up my today's blog post on a positive note, here is a little gift my D got from his colleagues from Russia yesterday. Can you say how happy I am? I have two Russian dolls now! One is a nesting doll with two more inside her, and this one contained a VERY Russian surprise - a small bottle of vodka :P
 So, cheers to life, to our families, to their and our health!


  1. Your recycled projects are lovely:) Hope your mom recovers soon, sending prayers for her surgery. Don't worry, everything will be fine.
    I also have a similar Russian doll with four more nestled inside it.
    In India, our attention was moved to notes from votes. Fortunately, I found decent amount of change from my daughter's piggy bank to survive for 2-3 weeks for small and local transactions. But because of this, you know, even the roadside tea vendors are digitizing their business using paytm and that's a good progress. My husband will wait until last date to exchange currency notes as he does for most bill payments, courtesy procrastination:)

  2. Hope your mum's surgery goes well ... Happy birthday, Hindustanka! <3

  3. I'm pretty bummed about the election...there is a lot of unrest in the USA right now. My birthday is this month too. Sorry to hear about your mom! I hope she has a speedy recovery from surgery!

  4. I hear you, Anna. I totally went into a bit of a depression after the election results. Disgusted doesn't even begin to explain how I was feeling. Just can't believe anyone would vote that guy into office. Scary indeed! But like you said, we must carry on, and do good. I'm also big into trying to recycle and repurpose. I love what you've done. I'm not much of a sewer either. I laughed about what you said about your little sock animal. So cute. I do hope that your mom is fine after her surgery and has a quick recovery. Best wishes, Tammy

  5. Oh no!, hope your mom will be better again soon!

    That sock puppet is adorable, reminds me of the dog from 'nightmare before Christmas' :)
    Curious also for the shirt-yarn projects.
    Hugs, Diana

  6. The world has a lot of problem, but we need to focus on home first. There is no other way around it. I hope your mother recovers soon.

  7. We saw about your money on the news! We felt so bad for everyone! It looked like there was such long line ups!
    The American election has effected our country too! All we can do is keep living and pray, everything will be ok!
    I am so sorry for your mom! Sending her healing prayers!
    Happy Birthday to you and your father!!
    I love your up cycled creations!! Well done!
    Big Hugs!

  8. Your sock puppet is lovely Anna, I hope your Mum has had her surgery by now and all is well. Belated Happy Birthday to you and your Dad. :) xx


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