Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Festival Season is On

Following the last post about Dussehra here I am going to tell about another North Indian festival called Karva Chauth which took place on 19th of October - a day when wives fast for a well-being of their husbands. It is a tradition in many North Indian families, and we also follow it. Though this year I didn't keep fast, I followed all other rituals of this day, like applying mehendi (henna), dressing up in suit and wearing bangles, attending pooja in a temple, and at last breaking the fast when the moon rises. This time the moon kept us waiting till 10 pm until it finally became visible behind the houses...
Other than celebrations, we are in our usual mode - office, home, school. Last weekend was particularly enjoyable because in-laws were out of city and we had the house all to ourselves, forgive me announcing this happiness openly, but this is required at times. They also had some break from routine in Delhi, attending a marriage. We had  a lovely family time at home. I indulged in baking again - this time Apple Crust Pie with cinnamon - it was delicious! Easy-peasy to make too.

Little A has got his portion of delight on weekend by playing with colourful dough. I purchased a set of cutters along with four dough pieces.
Look how many shapes we made! He especially likes a star, a circle, a heart and a butterfly :) To my amusement the play dough is still popular with little A.
Today when I was dropping A to his school, his class teacher met us at the reception with a giant spider in her hands! Hehe, they are preparing for Halloween now. After I said "Bye, I love you, baby!" to my boy (while he was too interested in that handmade spider to even look back at, and was about leave the premises, I noticed these cute bats and spiders on the lobby's TV stand - aren't they fun? They made me smile!
 Have a happy day and enjoy time spent with your dear ones :)


  1. Your pie looks yummy! I was very interested to hear about the festival we don't seem to have that many here. Play dough brings back many happy memories with my children, I used to make it myself because it wasn't available to buy in Syria. I love the Halloween decorations. :) xx

  2. I could do the henna but not the fasting!

  3. nice post.. Love your mehendi..

  4. Lots of fun going on! That apple pie looks so good! Such cute decorations! Love all the pictures! Big Hugs!

  5. Nice to see you and your son having fun time:)
    I am maharashtrian, so I don't do the karvachauth fast , I do Haritaalika teej fast which is for 24 hrs. Now I eat fruits etc otherwise, few years back, I could go on just with water.

  6. If spiders really looked like the ones in that picture I wouldn't be afraid of them! I didn't know you lived w/ your inlaws so I would imagine the break was quite welcome. Your pie looks yummy!

  7. I've learned about these celebrations also through friends here. At the hospital where I volunteer, we make playdo and all the kids love to play with it. Probably many of them don't get it at home. The apple pie looks amazing!

  8. happy celebrations dear and happy freedom days

  9. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time. And like you said, you shouldn't feel guilty about enjoying it, your in-laws were probably feeling the same.

    Pie! Now I want to bake a pie, too... but I want peach. :-)

    Your Little A is growing so much. It must be a secret he got from giant spiders. *hehehe*


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