Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Palolem, Agonda and Kola Beaches in One Day - Goa Part 3

It has started becoming warmer in Chandigarh. Day temperature is around +20+21 now, morning might be somewhere +15. I know that many of you still are in a frozen and snowy place, and my sighs about “cold” weather here seem to be pretence, but it is not. When it is evening and early morning, our house is freezing. We have to put socks, warm pajamas and jackets before going out of our room. We still put the heater on every now and then. Not a very comfortable living. But at the same time I don’t want to complain because the hot summer is in future. I am also more and more scared of it because that will be my last trimester, and I am really worried how I am going to cope up with +40 and AC, and going to office and at the same time taking care of myself, my baby and my D.
I have many other worries, which appear anew with my every awakening in the morning: how am I going to bear pain of labor, how will I take care of my baby, will baby be fine in summer with AC? For the past few months I had such mixed feelings about my pregnancy from “am I ready”  to “a sudden excitement about having that little one in my arms in just a few months”… I cannot say I was very excited in the beginning, more I was depressed and used to cry on my husband’s shoulder saying that I am scared.. But he is always there for me and now I feel much much happier about having a child and dreaming of that special day when we finally see him or her. Yes, I shall note that it is illegal to try to determine the sex of a child in India due to some social problems. But for us anyway it doesn’t matter as soon as the baby is healthy and happy.
Ok, now I  am not going to spend all time chatting about my ”interesting condition” and will continue sharing that little trip we had last to last week in photos and short comments to them. By the way recently I got to know that vacations a couple takes during pregnancy is called "babymoon" :) Well, so here are pics from our babymoon.
Another morning at Palolem beach - gorgeous view just as soon as you wake up. Calm sea in the morning and not hot yet. I even had to put on some thin stall.
 However we knew we had to leave all these the next day - this view and surroundings which became so close to our heart. This very beach we used to go to swim to every morning and evening...
Our friends, with whom we went, offered us to go to another beach in South Goa - Agonda. For that we rented two scooters and drove away for search of new adventures. The road was pleasant ,and you wouldn't feel those +33 C degrees while going by scooter. Yes we were that adventurous, especially me and my also expecting friend. Don't judge :)
We liked this "Amazon" river we passed by on the way to Agonda.
Agonda itself was quite a silent place, and you could see there mostly older people, sitting in the cafes and sipping tea, coffee and other drinks.We had pleasant swimming there though and... headed to another beach Kola, suggested by our new friends from Belorussia who also lived at Sai Valentine's beach huts.
I must admit we almost regretted going there, because the road, going left from the main way, was simply horrible! I was so afraid for our baby, and for us that we would puncture the tyre and will have to walk or worse will fall from the scooter on that rocky and dusty road. But circumstances were merciful. And Kola met us with this incredible view. We tried to swim there, but waves were too strong and high we had to withdraw from there.
The opposite was this water line - truly exotic! 
 Way back from Kola was same horrible, but we overcame this obstacle and safely reached our darling beach huts... and then another sunset at Palolem...dinner on the very seashore... We were really sad, especially my D, who liked that place so much, we couldn't leave it all and couldn't decide whether we  stay for one more day, but
 The next day we took up another journey - to the North Goa! This rooster's voice I heard one morning at Palolem... Bye bye! See you!
We were quite tired after going from South Goa to North. It was hot, car was without AC, and by the time we reached the place we felt like we will not go ANYWHERE! But this new scene, view of Little Vagator beach, lifted up our mood and gave another boost of energy. Here is the hotel we stayed in - Oltramarino. An Italian one, more expensive than those lovely beach huts, but located in one of the most peaceful parts of North Goa, which otherwise is famous for its night life, psychedelic parties and of flocks holidaying Russians!
That small bamboo hut with red roof, last from the right, was ours. 
Soon I am going to share what I crocheted these days – not much, but I am slowly coming out of crochet and blog blocks.
I am also worried for my crafty part of life after the major event – will I have time for this, will I be able to spare few minutes for blog and crochet in a day? Will I be one of those worn out moms, with always puffy eyes and fatigue because of the lack of sleep or will be a happy mom with rosy cheeks and lips and overall pretty... Let’s see. At least now I try to look good, and be in a good mood and smile more. I am also happy to get job I desired for long – to be a translator. Besides I am able to earn some additional money which will be much needed soon.
Till my next appearance in blogger, I wish you to stay safe and warm (or cool) wherever you are! Love and blessings to all!


  1. I would say your fears and concerns are perfectly normal and natural. :) Loved your tour of Goa. I don't care much for heat and humidity either!

  2. Quit worrying! You'll be a great mother! Trust me, it comes naturally. I am expecting my sixth grandchild at the end of August so we can be pregnant together! :-)


  3. As for myself, I have two children, a son and a daughter. My words for you would be words of encouragement. Once you feel the first movement from your baby inside...your heart will begin to leap for joy. Such a wonderful time is ahead and once you hold the dear child in your arms, you will wonder why you didn't have a child sooner. It's best not to ponder on worries but the future joys ahead. Yes, a baby needs love and attention...and you will eventually find rhythm in your new daily pattern catching time you need for yourself. My children are in their 30's now and I would love to hold them once again as infants....I miss those tender times. Take courage all will be well and refuse to listen to words that would hinder such coming joy. Back in my day....we weren't told the sex of our was exciting to find out the day they arrived! It was such great anticipation.

    One of my sisters and her husband chose not to have children and now, in her 50's she deeply regrets this decision. Seeing me and our other sister with children....she wished she did the same. I think she feels the void with her dear furry friends...she has four dogs and three cats!

    Your "Babymoon" photos are gorgeous, thanks for sharing. I can't wait to see the crochet work.


  4. Your fears are very normal for the first pregnancy, just relax and go with it and you will be fine! Women have been doing this for years! ;-) I was 17 when I was pregnant with my son and now 30 years later I am so happy to have him in my life! Once they put that baby in your arms all your mothering instincts kick in and you will be a wonderful mom! Just think of all the cute baby things you will get to make!! Your vacation photos were amamzing so glad you got to travel before the big event! Congratulations!!!!


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