Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Missing My Hometown

Yes, I am back to India. Can't say this time I was eager to come here, and I can't explain why. This time visit to my parents was different, because my in-laws also went there :) They stayed with us for 2 weeks, and left, and me and my D continued our stay for two more weeks. I didn't want to leave.. I wanted to be there more to enjoy cool weather, have long chats over a cup of tea with my parents, go to dacha, eat MY food, be in MY environment... So right now I am missing my parents badly, and also, to add to this I fell ill just few days before our departure, and still having cough and cold. Oh well, but I am also back to blogging, to you, my friends! I somehow found two opportunities to post during my vacations, but that was all I could afford.
We had great time together in Kazakhstan: visited many places, had awesome weekends, and ate delicious food! Today I'd like to make some kind of presentation of my hometown, as I had never put any photos of it before. 
First I will take you to the new part of the city, which is located on the left bank of the Ishim river. Here comes the symbol of the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, Bayterek. You go to the top by lift, and can view the whole city from the height of 97 meters. It was a new experience for my in-laws, and they liked it. 
 A view of the President house Ak-Orda, with blue dome, and behind it is The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, called Pyramid.
 A view in the direction of the old town, which is on the right bank of the Ishim river..
Even I discovered many new things in the city this time. We had a great family at the Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center, which is a huge, 150 m high tent.  
There are many boutiques and shops inside it, as well as a big kids amusement park, and even an artificial beach on the top floor!
You can see how this new part of the city is planned - the objects are situated on the straight line, and symmetrically. 
Happened so that my parents living in such a beautiful city, don't have time to simply walk in it. So in last two weeks we went out with them for a stroll on the river bank and had a wonderful ferryboat ride. Summer brought loads of rains in the North Kazakhstan this year, so such clouds were hanging there every day, but I loved it!
The ferry took us closer to the President House, and the Pyramid, but unfortunately our camera's battery discharged by the time we reached there.
Being among the skyscrapers can make you feel tired, even if you admit how beautiful and impressive they are. My D also said that he likes the old city more, as it is cozy and lively. I agree, and offer you a photo of an old street in the evening.
 And especially I like the never changing view of the sunset, which you can see from our balcony. Cozy, and so MY...
Hope you could make an idea of my hometown. I have more photos to share with you, and more stories to tell. I also plan to start checking out your blogs soon, as I am far far away from what's going on in here. 
So have a nice day and take care, my dears!


  1. Welcome back, Anna!! :) nice to know about your hometown and great pictures!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Oh you sweet thing, of course you miss your parents and your country. But before you know it you will be back working and living the lovely life you have chosen with your wonderful husband. Get your hands busy crocheting, that will help.

    Love all your beautiful pictures of your beautiful country.

  3. Drago mi je što si posetila svoju porodicu i ne treba da budeš tužna.Sad imaš dve lepe države,dve porodice-to je veliko bogatstvo!!!
    Tvoj grad je prelep,divne fotografije !
    Pozdrav i srećno!:)

  4. I think this is the first time I've ever seen photos of Kazakhstan! What a beautiful home town you come from! I love the architecture. sorry you have been feeling sick; I hope you get well soon. :)

  5. A very beautiful city, with some unique architecture!

  6. So, you are back from your vacation.I totally understand how it is living abroad and missing our families and hometown.It is good to find purpose greater than just everyday living.When we do find it, everything we go through starts making sense.Also,going back refreshes our perspective on life in general,so it is good.I wish you great revelations as you adjust back to life in India.Thank you for sharing your experience and photos of the city.Love and blessings to you,Anna.

  7. I understand how you feel. I have tried living in other places, but always come back "home". Beautiful pictures!

  8. very nice... nice to see you blogging again.. going back to parents place is always very beautiful, and coming back there always very painful, specially when you are living in a country far away from your home town.

  9. Anna - I love the photos in this post - such a beautiful new city. I'm sure the old one has more charm, but the architecture you show is beautiful! The first picture reminds me of the Space Needle in Seattle, WA in a way - this one is cooler, though!

    So happy you got to spend a good chunk of quality time with your beloved parents - and that the weather was cooler for you. Hope you feel better soon, and your heavy heart lifts a bit (I know the feeling WELL!) XOXO Tanya

  10. Welcome back Anna, I have missed your posts, it has been very quiet in blogland anyway, I think everyone has been enjoying the summer and their holidays. Your home town is beautiful I love your pictures what a lovely place. I hope you feel more settled and your cold gets better soon. :)

  11. That's a beautiful city. I don't know much about your country. I'd like to see a picture of that beach on the top floor. HA!

  12. Vacations have that effect on us, don't they? Your hometown is beautiful. I'm dazzled by the architecture and the landscape.

    Welcome back!

  13. Beautiful photos. I want to see more. Thank you for sharing. Kazakhstan is beautiful. I wonder if I will ever be able to visit it so I am grateful to you for sharing the pics. Missed you very much and lovely to have you back.

  14. What a beautiful place, thanks for sharing! I hope the weather cools down for you. It will soon be Fall here and we'll be decorating with colored leaves and pumpkins. I hope you come see my blog post about our camping trip, I think you will like it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  15. Hi Anna

    Welcome back. Its good you got to go to your parents. Am sure you enjoyed every moment. Yes. Its difficult once we come back to our nests for a while but such is life.

    Lovely pics of your `MY CITY'. Thats blogland. We get to see first hand pics of places and learn about the culture there. Thanks for sharing. You'd share pics na? Please do. The place is lovely. `The Pyramid' looks lovely.

  16. Beautiful pictures from your home! I love them! Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to see more! I think it's understandable to miss your parents and where you lived! Maybe one day, you and your hubby, can live there?
    Take Care ;o)

  17. Sorry you're missing your parents and that you've been poorly. Thanks for taking the time to share your hometown I enjoyed reading all about it and seeing the photos xx

  18. What a fascinating post! Your home city is beautiful. I do hope you are feeling better now and have found more comfort in your day to day routine.

  19. Beautiful city.
    Love the architecture.
    There's nothing quite as spectacular as your own towns sunset.
    Sorry you are feeling sad and missing your parents.
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Have a wonderful day.

  20. Hello, lovely lady
    Your hometown is intriguing and charming. I am so happy you were able to visit your parents with your D and in-laws. I know the feeling of not being able to walk around in your own city, as life is always busy, and who has time to just walk around in their own city very often?
    It is a good idea for you to take photos and share with your blogging friends. I will have to do this too with my city. It gives us all a view into other cultures and how people live.
    Teresa in California

  21. Anna- what lovely photos- it's so nice to take a your through your eyes of a place I'm not likely to ever visit-- it's wonderful that you had such a nice vacation with your parents-- I hope you can go back again soon:)


  22. Loved all the photos, Hindustanka. It must have been so wonnderful to be "home."

    My father used to grow raspberries, too! So delicious.

    Now you probably feel homesick but at least you know you can visit next year. Parents are still alive and well, right? Thank you for sharing! Susan


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