Monday, 12 March 2012

Save 60 trees - trees are not saved

Those 60 trees, which Chipko movement was struggling to protect, were finally cut yesterday morning in sector 17 in our city! Though more than 1193 citizens signed the on-line petition, created by Chipko movement, no one took it into attention.
Our friend, organizer and leader of the movement, Gaurav Chhabra "Karma" had to stand his ground till the time when it was already not possible. The Chipko movement activists were able to take videos of the trees cutting. The poor trees were also literally standing till the end, and even heartless machines were not able to break them from the very first time.These are the links for more info and pictures:
As it happens usually, those who were right in their intentions, who wanted to bring good to the city, were turned guilty, when 3 of the activists were arrested by the police and released later in the afternoon. Administration didn't want citizens to be too much concerned about the city, though city and citizens have the same root!
Urbanization, development are supposed to bring more happiness, satisfaction, joy of living in changing world.. .but in real it gives only feeling of disappointment and sadness, when comes to the questions of nature. Can't we ever exist harmoniously with it? Nature tries it's best to keep us happy, but we betray it in response.
Just see the same place in Chandigarh, with trees and without - only plain, boring houses rising along the street. This is how they want the city look like - buildings, walls, streets, vehicles.
Still we can save that piece of nature ourselves by planting more trees, bushes and flowers near our houses, by telling to children about the importance of saving the nature so that their future will be green!

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